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01:30:46 AM Nov 8th 2015
As a non-native speaker, I was having trouble understanding the trope's name: the "-er" suffix in the word spanner indicated to me a PERSON that is doing spanning, and "in the works" sounded like "working"

While in fact, spanner is a tool, and "works" in this instance means an engine, so basically, this is "throwing a wrench in a clockwork engine".

What would be the best way to include this explanation in the trope's description?
07:45:08 PM Dec 22nd 2011
This trope seems to apply to someone ruining a villain's plan- what would we call it when a dopey character or Cloudcoocoolander ruins the hero's plan?
04:31:37 AM Apr 23rd 2014
10:40:25 AM Jan 19th 2011
Star Wars Expanded Universe. Thrawn not knowing that Leia was Darth Vader's daughter would qualify as this trope.
11:17:40 PM Apr 18th 2016
Then add it. If someone didn't in a meantime.
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