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05:01:17 AM Oct 22nd 2012
edited by TomSFox
“In addition, of the few nouns with mutable gender, the meaning stays the same. El mar and la mar both mean "the sea," so don't worry about talking about your pine tree hurting like in German.”

Oh yeah? And what about these:

el capital - the capital; la capital - the capital city

el cólera - the cholera; la cólera - the anger

el coma - the coma; la coma - the comma

el cometa - the comet; la cometa - the kite

el corte - the cut; la corte - the court

el cura - the priest; la cura - the cure

el editorial - the editorial; la editorial - the publisher

el frente - the front; la frente - the forehead

el parte - the report; la parte - the part
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