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06:33:08 AM Feb 17th 2014
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I have to really question the merit of this page's continued existence. While I can confirm that many of these works are bad, I too have to question some that were placed here. It seems like a vehicle of Complaining About Shows You Don't Like where you can hide behind critical reception or poor sales, which do not prove a work is bad in of themselves. If you need proof, some works on this page are successful both commercially and critically and are still called "slumps".
07:55:10 AM Feb 17th 2014
Well, some examples being bad is not a sufficient argument for the page being bad. Plus, it's fairly normal with regards to the standards of YMMV pages. So I don't see a problem.
02:48:04 PM May 7th 2010
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As I said in the discussion months ago, I saw a Let's Play of Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame, and I contest its suckiness strongly, even if its ending sequence wasn't great. At the very least, elaborate?
06:26:23 AM Feb 17th 2014
Have you played the game yourself? Playing is different from watching.
08:22:39 AM Feb 17th 2014
No idea when or whether it was removed, but this is referring to the original game's sequel from 1993, which isn't even ON this page. Have you noticed the post was from May of 2010?
02:29:49 PM May 7th 2010
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Question about Pokémon (I haven't watched for some time, I'm making guesses): Four of Ash's original six (and the four that were around at the start of the Orange Islands: Pikachu, Charizard, Squirtle and Bulbasaur) survived into the start of Johto, while I thought Totodile, Chikorita and Cyndaquil only gradually replaced the Kanto starters midway through the first year of Johto, not right at the end of the Orange Islands. Was I wrong about that?

Also, on the remaining two: Snorlax rarely did anything, and Lapras would be less useful on land, not to mention that one was always going to be temporary.
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