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02:00:35 PM Oct 21st 2013
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The examples are a mess. Many of them are Anti Humour (which is when this effect is created deliberately), some are Cannot Tell a Joke and/or The Comically Serious (a particular character's bad sense of humour is played for comedy), and some are Don't Explain the Joke (a poor joke is made funny by overexplaining why it should be funny) or Overly-Long Gag (a poor joke is drawn out to the point that it becomes funny).

All of that would be fine if this was meant to be a subtrope of Stylistic Suck, but the description reads like Complaining about shows which attempt ordinary humour but end up comically unfunny. The above tropes are all different ways to deliberately tell a technically bad joke in a way that's still funny.
05:09:43 AM Mar 31st 2013
I don't understand what's the point of the lengthy paragraph after the "What is brown and sticky" joke, unless it's meant to be a meta-example.
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