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12:58:46 PM Jul 10th 2012
Obviously, it might be difficult form the outsiders' perspective to understand that our State laws are more effective and important than federal. USA are not like Germany or UK, uniform and centralized. The differences between laws in California and next door neighbor Arizona are huge. For example, we carry defensive pistols in Arizona freely, supported by our Constitution, 2nd Amd, especially after escalated violence coming from south of the border. In CA the laws are not so gun-friendly, at least not for law abiding citizens. Being 50-50 resident of both states and shuttling between two houses I forget sometimes that I have my .45 semi automatic in the purse so I have to hide it in the locker box in my car when I go places in CA.
06:32:11 AM Apr 18th 2012
Can someone with better knowledge on the death penalty change the "until recently" stuff? Examples Are Not Recent.
10:11:29 AM Nov 15th 2010
Can you please make up a Troper Tales section for this page, because SoCalization is the kind of trope that would well with one.
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