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06:09:13 PM Feb 12th 2014
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How come there are no Real Life examples of So Bad, It's Good?
01:38:07 AM Feb 13th 2014
Because Real Life examples were never added, plus this is a reaction to works.
04:33:29 PM Sep 14th 2011
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Shouldn't this be a bit stricter? It might as well be called "Every Movie Ever Made That Wasn't Popular with Fans or Critically Acclaimed". Some of them don't even state what's supposed to be "good" about them.
04:04:47 AM Jun 20th 2013
This trope is highly subjective. Also, I don't understand your last sentence. They're not considered good, if they were they wouldn't be on the page in the first place.
04:38:41 PM Feb 15th 2014
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Some people fail to explain why the "badness" is enjoyable. People occasionally add examples that read more like "So bad, but still has some good bits", which is not the same as So Bad, It's Good. So Bad, It's Good means that something is fun because of the horribleness, not despite of it.
11:27:09 AM May 24th 2011
Suggestion for a new/alternate title: 'Pinball Counter Moment'

Let me explain: You ever see an old mechanical pinball counter? The ones with the tin dials that have numbers painted on them? Well, since there's a limited number that the counter can reach, occasionally a player is so good, the score gets so high that it rolls the counter over, back to zero.

That is the idea behind 'The Pinball Counter Moment': an occurrence so stupefyingly bad, (or good) it actually rolls the counter over and starts back at 'awesome' (or idiotic)
11:36:32 AM May 24th 2011
It's a clever name but I think "So Bad it's Good" is a pretty common phrase for this in real life. When describing a really cheesy 70's sci-fi flic, "so bad it's good" is on the tip of most peoples tongues.

Good spot though and it's nice to see someone injecting some creativity into trope naming. Too often the flash of inspiration doesn't occur soon enough and we just get snow clones and Exactly What It Says on the Tin
11:43:19 AM May 24th 2011
edited by MrDeath
Edited to be less dickish:

That's not a good title. It takes too long to explain compared to the current title, and is a very obscure reference to boot.
01:29:53 PM May 24th 2011
07:03:20 PM Oct 31st 2010
I'm putting this here -

  • The first minutes of Starship Trooper 4. Laughed my ass off and couldn't watch the rest.

- for the original contributor to fix. Besides being in the wrong section originally (Live Action TV) I googled and part 4 is only in development.
12:06:21 AM May 6th 2010
Should we have a voice acting section?
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