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01:48:44 PM Apr 1st 2011
Funny thing happened once. I was at an interview for a college, hoping to do a diploma in animal care. I got to hold a Corn snake. The thing kept trying to get inside my blazer and later it tried crawling up my torso getting uncomfortably close to my mouth... yeah, that snake wanted sugar on the first date. the snake went back in it's box. My guess it was looking for a warm place. Someone make a troper tales section for this please
09:19:31 AM Aug 27th 2011
I think I've found a reson why this trope exists. See, ppl often points that what makes a women's body sexy is the way it flows, with uninterupted curves going all the way down the hips, somewhat like a guitar... Snakes ARE curves. Why wouldn't they be sexy?
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