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03:56:06 AM Oct 2nd 2015
edited by NNewt84
Just out of curiosity: if I make a show with a mostly female cast, and the token boy becomes popular enough to warrant a spin-off show, would that be a gender inversion of this trope?
12:51:27 PM Jul 5th 2014
  • It could possibly happen with Fandango's dance partner Summer Rae too. She's started getting chants from the crowd during his matches and eventually transitioned into a wrestling role. As of Survivor Series 2013 she has seemingly started her integration into the women's division. Now, Summer Rae is on Total Divas - while Fandango is stuck in midcard hell.

Now, let's see if it actually happens before we add it huh?
02:41:24 PM Sep 5th 2014
It looks like it has. So I'll just do that then
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