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08:06:33 AM Aug 8th 2011
reply: "where the character swings their arms back and forth while throwing their body slightly up in the air with a little momentum"

You mean "skipping"? Which is what you described?

reply: Yeah, I guess skipping is a better word.

reply: How about Stride Of Innocence?

reply: Twyla does this in Hogfather. Susan considers this to be part of her "ingratiatingly cute" persona, claiming "real children don't go hoppity-skippity unless they're on drugs."

reply: Seconding Stride Of Innocence.

reply: Ok when, Stride Of Innocence it is.

reply: Bonus points for whistling while doing this.

reply: bump

reply: Skip of Innocence please, stride is what you do when walking. Skipping is exactly what is described here, a mix between running/walking, with hop-like impulsion.

reply: How about "Gait of Innocence?"

reply: I think Skip of Innocence is closer to what this is.

reply: I like Skip of Innocence as well.

reply: Any more examples?

reply: Film Order of the Phoenix = Harry Potter 5. Luna skips. This is never mentioned in the Books, but it fits her character perfectly.

reply: bump

reply: I guess there are not anymore examples, I not sure if I should lauch it or let it die, hmmm.

reply: Pinkie Pie skips more often than she walks.


reply: Oh, another one I just remembered:

  • The Smurfette often does this when she joyfully has a walk in the forest, in various albums of the series.

reply: Dorothy, the Tin Man, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion...

reply: The little girl in Remembrance of the Daleks skips around town when she's not plugged into the Dalek battle computer. She's not exactly "innocent", though.

reply: I think I will put this in the Walking Tropes and Youngsters indexes, are there any other indexes this would fit into?

reply: If I remember right, the little girl in Silent Hill 2 skips around a lot...


reply: Any complains? I would like to launch this.

reply: ^ You need to get rid of that "___ shows us how it's done" caption at the image. See How to Pick a Good Image, section "things to avoid".

reply: Ok, it is gone now.

reply: End of markup
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