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01:55:51 PM May 22nd 2016
The only possible reason I see for Ireland being a Sixth Ranger to the Anglosphere is my thinking somehow that Ireland is predominantly Catholic whereas the other nations listed are predominantly Protestant.

If anything, America is the Sixth Ranger (ala Batman to the Justice League) because America was never part of the Commonwealth nor are its citizens treated as citizens of the same.
10:41:21 PM Jan 18th 2016
edited by PacificGreen
The MLP Season 5 one is a little iffy. It was never really stated that Starlight Glimmer was going to join the mane cast- there are lots of things that may imply it, but it was merely stated that Twilight was going to teach her about friendship. I don't think we should call her a seventh ranger just yet.

I think we should leave this off this page until the actual episodes air or we get more information about the upcoming season.
12:33:51 PM Oct 12th 2013
Is Harry Potter really an example? Ginny, Luna and Neville might be somewhat the extended trio, but until the very end Harry, Hermione and Ron stay the core trio of the books. It is kind of a pattern that towards the very end someone helps them in their fight (first book Dumbledore turns up just in time to rescue Harry's life, in the second book Fawkes, in the third book Harry himself, in the fourth again Dumbledore and the teachers, in the fifth Ginny, Luna and Neville as well as the Order of the Phoenix, in the sixth more or less the same group and in the seventh practically every, including Narcissa and the house elves, but the actual group of heroes who go on adventures together stays the same until the very end.
01:28:33 PM Oct 25th 2012
edited by captainmarkle
Can villains have these too for Five-Bad Band?
03:50:20 PM May 20th 2012
The quote doesn't work at all. Toph is not the Sixth Ranger, Suki is.
10:13:41 AM Dec 13th 2011
Was there a trope where Sixth Ranger could be applied to a group? (i.e. A new team joins an established force after becoming independent/leaving another force.)
01:35:05 PM Dec 12th 2011
Would Captain America fit as an example of a Sixth Ranger? After all, he didn't join the Avengers officially until that legendary No.4 issue, and he was a near-permanent Avenger since that point.
04:58:05 PM Dec 5th 2012
He mirrors the original Trope Namer in eventually becoming The Leader
07:15:13 AM Jul 28th 2011
Do they have to join the team to qualify as Sixth Ranger, or just work with them? For instance, Casey Jones from TMNT seems to fit almost perfectly, but he was more of an 'outside consultant' than an actual member of the team. ~~~~
10:37:39 PM Apr 23rd 2010
Could Paul of Taurus be an example from the Bible, since he's an Apostle that came after the original 12?
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