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04:17:23 AM Aug 14th 2013
I can kinda sorta see this trope happening in real life. Some theories say that homosexual feelings are caused by neither choice nor genetics, but environmental. Per se, certain factors (like a dead parent of the same gender before adolescence, peer pressure, or Experimenting In College) imput the desire in you subconciously.
09:51:10 PM Apr 29th 2013
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  • "Rather baselessly averted in John Wyndham's Consider Her Ways. In the aftermath of a virus wiping out all men, a basically sexless society emerges. Wyndham seems to have utterly dismissed the possibility that women could form romantic relationships with each other, despite making a reference to Sappho at one point. He admitted that he put plot ahead of common sense in that one and seemed to regret it. Happens to the best of us."

This seems mildly nattery, if a true example of an aversion where you'd expect the trope to be played straight. Maybe:

  • "Surprisingly averted in John Wyndham's Consider Her Ways. In the aftermath of a virus wiping out all men, an essentially sexless society emerges. Despite making a reference to Sappho at one point, Wyndham didn't use the idea that women could form romantic relationships. He has said that he put the plot ahead of logical developments, and seems to regret it."

  • "A lot of people in the porn business. Both male and female."

Is this an example? And is it zero context?
02:13:06 PM Feb 15th 2013
I found this discussion on the Headscratchers page. It's interesting, but it really belongs here:

  • The thing that bugs me about this trope is that it implies that all series must have their characters paired up with each other no matter what, no matter their gender or sexuality. Of course, there's always those shippers who believes this... but still, what about series with no canon pairings?
    • Don't worry too much about it. This trope is either actual bi/homosexual people who aren't fully accepting of their behavior or its a complete excuse for fanfic (or similar) writers to put people into whatever pairing they like best (regardless of if there is any logic to it). It's more of a problem with people who have a gay fetish or shippers than any logical thought patterns.
    • Actually,this trope is usually used as either All Men Are Perverts and/or All Women Are Lustful (depending the character) taken to the logical extreme, so obsessed with sex that the will willingly turn to the closest available person for it, even if they aren't attracted to that person or even that gender, and just close their eyes and try to pretend the other person is the gender they prefer. This, of course, has Unfortunate Implications all its own.
08:34:24 AM Mar 21st 2012
I'm not sure that this example actually qualifies:
*Writers of Wonder Woman throw around hints that Themyscira has embraced this sort of mindset: some of the women are chaste, some of them are seeing Rosie Palms, and the rest pair up.
**The more juvenile writers, usually the ones who get a chance to briefly play with the character in another title, throw around hints. The main series itself has straightforwardly confirmed it multiple times, though quietly.
**Diana does some traditional courtship rituals with her boyfriend Nemesis, he asks how a society of only women has such things.
**A throwaway line a while ago basically said Queen Hippolyta is in a relationship with General Phillipus, and Word Of God confirmed it (as well as the fact that they intended to do a storyline where they got married before the editorial axed it).
Because the fact that some women in Themyscira have sex with other women does not necessarily follow from the fact that there are no men in Themyscira. Presumably, some women there would have sex with other women even if men were available. It's only Situational Sexuality if at least one woman is having sex with another woman only because there are no men available. I'm not erasing the example yet because it could be that at some point the comics did make clear that this was the case, and the example-writers just did not mention it; I wanted to give someone with more knowledge of the situation time to reply if that is in fact the case. Otherwise, I shall delete it in a few days.
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