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07:22:30 AM Mar 8th 2013
So I yanked The Flash example because he really has a bunch of powers. Unless you count "Speed Force" as one power.

Required Secondary Powers aside, he has superspeed, the ability to vibrate through things, infinite mass punch, and the ability to steal speed. They're all related to speed, sure, but they're clearly separate powers.

I would've just pulled it altogether but then I saw that he was listed in the description as an example, which seems awkward.
08:24:28 AM Mar 8th 2013
The vibrations and infinite mass punch aren't separate powers, they're just different applications of the same power of superspeed. It's like saying that being able to punch and being able to grasp are two separate powers in addition to the power of having hands.
10:32:45 AM Mar 8th 2013
Infinite Mass punch I admit you're right, that's just an extension of moving fast. But vibrating through things is... questionable. No matter how fast something goes, it's logically not going to be able to phase through something without additional abilities.

But even so, stealing speed is still another power. As is his occasionally used ability to use the Speed Force to make objects.
02:57:20 PM Mar 9th 2013
... also, Static is listed both in this description and as an example in Combo Platter Powers. I don't know the character so I can't make the call.
04:17:38 AM May 20th 2010

It seems to me that if somebody is going to make every other cut entry involve "No YKTTW" that when there is a YKTTW, they should care to check it out.

Launch completed. Indexed. Advising possible future of splitting by Marvel-DC-Other.
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