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12:06:04 AM Sep 19th 2014
Is there a trope for the male version of this? Or, more specifically the fact that any time a male character possesses another man's body or two male character's swap bodies, (unless it's a kids show/movie or a show utterly devoid of a sense of humor) the possessor WILL pull open the front of his pants and peek down to "check out the goods"?

I was going to add something to that effect to the main page, but the trope description seems to be specifically talking only about women, and "checking out the goods" definitely occurs frequently enough to be its own trope.
01:09:42 AM Sep 19th 2014
I dunno, this trope may be too narrowly written. You can ask in Lost and Found though.
06:47:57 AM Feb 19th 2013
There was one in "Lois and Clark" where Clark got body-swapped by the father of the Distressed Damsel's father. And found out that the longer his spirit's in Clark's body, the faster it would degrade. So he has to swap it back with his original one. It then has the father getting shot and in his dying moments, touching a cat—who then gets his spirit inside it.
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