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03:20:33 PM Oct 20th 2015
edited by Whistler
Shotgun Lethality

An entry in the real-life section asserted that the wounding potential of an assault-rifle, or SMG firing in bursts was greater than that achievable with a shotgun. That is simply untrue so long as the firefight occurs within the shotgun's range.

3 wounds of 5.56 NATO with an ME of 1300x3 [3900] foot pounds is not going to yield a superior wound profile to 9 pieces of .33 caliber - 00 Buck carrying a gross of 1800 foot pounds (200fpe each) of energy. (The 00 meanwhile will be inferior to the higher velocity, greater quantity of #1 Buckshot.) Utilizing simple energy figures is woefully oversimplifying a very complicated subject. In any case the sheer number of wounds a shotgun inflicts will yield the superior lethality so long as the range is close enough that the shot retains the necessary energy to reach vital organs. It is just as unlikely that three .223 caliber rounds will inflict more trauma than a single .74 caliber round assuming all find vital anatomy during their flight.

The only scenario in which the assault rifle comes out ahead is one in which most of the buckshot misses, or the fight takes place out of the shotgun's range. (Or some idiot uses birdshot because another idiot on Youtube told him it was sufficient.) Meanwhile the trope has acknowledge from the beginning that the Shotgun is a short-range weapon.
11:55:40 AM Apr 29th 2013
There's an entry under the Fallout section that reads like this.

"This is also because Fallout 3 scaled the health and damage resistance of enemies to your level. Fallout New Vegas avoids this by 1) removing the scaling and making levels actually mean something and..."

Firstly, this is incorrect.The enemies in Fallout 3 replace each other instead of scaling by health, which it says on the Fallout 3 page and the Level Scaling page.Secondly, the tone for it sounds condescending, "making levels 'actually' mean something".Anyone who's played Fallout 3 will tell you that the game starts pretty difficult but gets much easier later on in the game due to how much you improve with each level, and how much more controlled the level-scaling is.This hate dumbing behavior seems to be pretty common on T Vtropes.Is it possible that maybe I can read about Fallout 3 without seeing an entry right underneath it that describes how much better New Vegas is?Popular opinion on New Vegas is that it's slightly better than FO 3 but still more or less the same.So why is it that I constantly see all these incredibly biased comments bashing Fallout 3 where ever I go?I feel like I'm on a forum for NV fans, not T Vtropes.
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