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06:24:02 PM Jan 10th 2012
For a picture, why not use the small stats panel of one of the various shotguns from Borderlands that literally have "0.0 accuracy"?

For example...

08:18:33 AM Jun 2nd 2011
edited by zaqq
>Also, at this time, we would like to make a few corrections: Shotguns are actually not hilariously, stupidly inaccurate.


In fact shotguns in SWAT 4 ARE inaccurate. Their spread is wider than it should be.
03:07:16 AM Aug 12th 2011
Whats weird though is that the spread of the buckshot is equal to the PC's accuracy. Running will make the spread equal to most of the shotguns in COD, while crouching will reduce the spread to fairly realistic (for a realistic shotgun with a high spread). The slug shots, while in real life have a fairly good range, somehow have a shorter range then the buckshot rounds. Bean bag rounds are complete realistic in range though.
07:41:31 PM Sep 9th 2011
However, it feels as if both the buckshot and slug rounds are as powerful as a single bullet from a rifle. Ive hit enemies well near 3 times with a shotgun and they didn't die
08:45:14 AM Sep 19th 2010
Not sure if I should put this in the main article:

Played for laughs in a ep of red vs blue (chapter 8, season 7 (I think)). http://redvsblue.com/archive/?id=814 at 2.44.

Grif: (to Sarge) I imagine it can be pretty hard to be an ineffective leader with no respect.... Sarge: (Pulls trigger on shotgun) ((BLAM)) Grif:....who doesn't understand that his primary weapon has an effective range much shorter than most weapons.

03:31:44 PM Jul 1st 2010
OK, discussion time again. There's lots of aversions listed here, as well as a contrasting trope, 'Shotguns Are Just Better' Shouldn't we use that one for when a shotgun works like a ('real') shotgun, and wipe the normal aversions from here?
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