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06:59:16 PM Sep 20th 2011
Removed natter:
  • In Godzilla 1985, somebody has the brilliant idea of dropping a nuclear bomb on him. Think about that for a minute.
    • Yeah, I'm thinking about it, and it might work if the bomb vaporized him. Godzilla still has to be in one piece to absorb the radiation and grow stronger, but the kinetic and thermal energy would still do damage, maybe more then he could handle.
      • Bear in mind that this is a giant radioactive monster which has shrugged off black holes being fired at him (twice in the same damn film).
      • Someone is Completely Missing the Point. Yes it might kill him, but it also will eradicate everything else far more thoroughly and permanently than Godzilla ever could. I'll take my chances with the monster thanks.

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