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06:03:14 AM Jul 10th 2014
Is it too soon to add the Mineirazo (Brazil 1-7 Germany, 2014 World Cup semifinal)?
06:36:03 AM Jul 10th 2014
It seems fairly early. At least it needs some context explaining it.
07:52:12 AM Jul 10th 2014
The background has the pedigree, at least - Brazil having won the most championships (5) but none of those were in Brazil, the pain of the Maracanzo in 1950 and the desire to sweep that away, the party-like atmosphere that to this point had been on display for most of the tournament. And then there's the lurking backdrop of anger and protests over the expense and corrpution and rushed jobs (but a feeling that most were willing to bear with it if it meant Brazil won), the murmurs of not-so-good defense, the loss of Neymar and Thiago Silva during the previous quarterfinal match. Since the match took place less than 48 hours ago I guess it'll need time to play out to get a feel for the legacy, but I've already heard stories of riots after the match, of utter despondency among Brazilian fans, of an eerily quiet Copacabana Beach.