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09:07:11 AM Mar 10th 2012
I believe I've found the trope namer for this:

Might be wrong, but it was published in 1968, which seems like it could be the first instance of this phrase being used to describe this concept.
06:51:08 AM Sep 24th 2011
I think this Trope is misnamed. "Ships that Pass In The Night" is, more commonly, about characters that we, the audience, know are meant to meet, but just when it seems like they will, they don't. (And sometimes, never do.) Example: two long-lost siblings looking for each other, on the same port at the SAME time- but they take different ships and thus don't even see each other (or do, but don't realize who the other is, so they go on searching.) Seen It a Million Times.

The difference to this and this page's trope is that this is an intentional tease on the part of the author instead of being fanon.

Do We Have This One?, btw? Under another name maybe? I'm not saying this page isn't justified, but the name is confusing to the casual reader eg. someone who doesn't know about all the playing aroung with the word "ship" in this wiki.
07:20:01 PM Oct 13th 2013
Well, honestly I don't know. The trope itself is a phenomenon of the fans to pair characters who've had little to no canon interaction. They can either admit there's a lack of plausible canon to back up the pairing, but they still like seeing these two characters together, or they can insist that the slightest bit of interactions are Ship Tease in disguise.

Still, I like your idea. You should take it to the YKTTW archive.
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