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04:40:54 AM Feb 13th 2012
Too this out for bashing:

  • The animators and Tite really pushed Ulquihime after the Arrancar said Orihime looked good in the Arrancar wear. In Character or not, it was out of the blue for Ulquiorra to state such a thing, and then it just got worse with this, going so far to push her love for Ichigo while at the same time one of the most prominent but overlooked loopholes; if Orihime could just shield Ichigo for some of the most dangerous parts of the fight, why the hell did she sit back, watching two men, literally to one side and not for the other, fight for her. This is called out by Ulquiorra, but then you take in the final scene... Granted though, Orihime doesn't seem so torn up about it(yet), but we'll have to see what happens next. Until then, fans won't stop seeing this as cute and expressing possibilities to how it could of gone.

It's a common staple of shounen and sort-of an unwritten law: when The Hero is fighting someone and said fight is either climatic or tinted with It's Personal, the hero's friends shall stay OUT of it. It has been used in countless fighting scenes, and even in Bleach itself: Ukitake kept Rukia out of Kaien and Metastasia's fight and explicitely told her that she shouldn't step in, regardless of results. So why is Orihime to be bashed for following that storytelling rule, but Rukia doing that is not taken in question? Not to mention Ishida, who didn't step in until Ichigo got killed and it was obvious he and Orihime would be next in line, and yet no one bashes him for "not doing anything" until then.

Nice Orihime and Ichigo/Orihime passive-aggressive hate, poster. That does NOT belong in Ship Tease, and if you cannot support your Ulquihime without taking potshots at Orihime and the Ichigo/Orihime couple... well, tough shit.
10:50:10 PM Feb 13th 2012
Moderator speaking: You are getting pretty aggressive over an example about characters from a work of fiction. Back that way, way, way down. It doesn't really require this much attitude.
06:18:43 PM Nov 23rd 2011
Compare this to the more subtle and most likely unintentional Ship-Teasing in the original Ben 10 between cousins Ben and Gwen such as flirtatious bickering, hugging, glomping, Gwen teaching Ben how to slow dance and the many Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other moments. Hell, even Alien Force manages to sneak a few in with Gwen playfully touching Ben's chest and Gwen describing that Ben is more or less the perfect boyfriend. The writers seriously can't be that oblivious to how they are writing these two.
  • The writers did such a terrible job writing Kevin/Gwen and Ben/Julie that even Kevin/Ben gets better Ship Tease than them. Kevin has developed a habit of risking his life for Ben and holding his hand and/or arms when helping him off the ground, their dialog sounds more flirty than friendly, if either one is thrown, there's almost a 95% chance that Kevin will land on top of Ben or Ben will end up in Kevin's lap, neither of which Kevin minds, and then of course there's the bow-tying scene that was such blatant Ship Tease that one could not even refer to it as Sub Text.

Examples Are Not Arguable and a Ship Tease are hints put by the writers. Beyond it, the opinion of the audience about a Ship Tease is not relevant
08:40:19 AM May 23rd 2011
Transformers examples:

Where are they? There is a claim for shipteasing but no evidence.

Are they talking Springer/Arcee? Bumblebee/Spike? Megatron/Starscream? Beachhead/Random-Tree? What?

Without evidence I think the entry should be deleted.
02:01:25 PM Jan 13th 2012
By unintentional, I bet that they mean Megatron/Starscream. Two examples come to mind: Starscream and Megatron arguing over Nightbird which leads to this: "She's not so hot." She's hot enough to replace you whenever I choose." And that one episode where Starscream sort of "glomped" Megatron ("A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court".)

But considering how they fall more into the line of ho yay, I agree that should be removed.
03:48:39 PM May 2nd 2011
Would someone wise to the ways of TV tropes mind adding some "Girl Genius" examples? There are some really good ones in there...
05:38:02 AM Nov 17th 2010
Many of the trope entries here seem to be confusing this trope with one of the Yay tropes or with a more explicit trope such as UST or actual romantic pairing.

The Smallvile entry included examples of both. The writers have never seriously tried to tease the audience with a possible Lex/Clark pairing. Thats just the readers reading into Clark's compassion and projecting their desires to see two attractive men together. In fact a lot of the Yay on that show could be boiled down to Smallville casting at the high end of attractiveness even for Hollywood. On the other end, Lois and Clark is not now, nor was it ever a tease, especially given that they're the canonical couple of the mythos, but even ignoring that, they actually date. Now Chloe/Clark does count as a tease.
11:08:30 AM Mar 27th 2013
I admit that - barring Word of God - Ship Tease is kind of a relative trope, but I strongly concur with gibberingtroper: a lot of these examples seem more like Yay examples. It would be too limiting to insist on some kind of quote or reference from canon to anchor claims of this trope in every example, but prospective posters could at least drop by the related pages to make sure their example isn't shown on one of those before they create an entry here...
06:58:09 PM Apr 21st 2010
Is it worth adding the recent VA ship tease for Bleach, or would it just be wanky?
08:52:48 PM Apr 21st 2010
Strictly speaking that's not actually a Ship Tease. That's more, um...Actor Shipping? Heck, I don't know. Throw It In! to this YKTTW proposal.
05:12:25 AM Apr 28th 2010
edited by Barano
IMHO there's no reason to add it, considering that the voice actors have zero input on the story so it's not actually ship tease.
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