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08:35:32 PM Jul 18th 2016
How gender-neutral is 王 ("Ou") in Japanese? I see a lot of people on these examples saying it is, but I've also seen a lot of things where a female monarch is referred to as 女王 (e.g. Queen Victoria is called this in Black Butler). And the "Why is the Demon King (Maou) a woman?" page quote from Maoyu is there in the show Japanese. Anyone who wants to shed some light on this, please do...
06:16:51 PM Jan 22nd 2018
王, Chinese word, has definition of "ruler of nation" with no gender meaning in it. and during historical era, no one used 女王 (female 王). It is only in modern times that people began to use 女王 to refer to female monarch. It's probably due to historians trying to distinguish female monarchs from male monarchs both in their own nation and others' such as Queen Victoria in your example. Then 女王 became "trended" by modern people and everyone began to use 女王.
04:25:55 PM Nov 11th 2014
I noticed that Princess Kenny (Kenny from South Park, who seems to either be some variety of Genderqueer or really into the roleplaying. I think both) is placed under here. Seeing as Princess is not a gender neutral title but Kenny is also referred to as a boy everywhere else, I think that there should be a new category for him, if not necessarily a new Trope.
08:03:47 AM Nov 12th 2014
That seems more like Ambiguous Gender.
10:36:27 AM Mar 22nd 2014
No Crown Prince? TV Tropes, I am disappointed.
12:47:06 PM Aug 3rd 2011
edited by Embryon
One of the bullet points in the Star Trek cluster is unclear. Can someone clarify what the word "this" (in the last line) refers to?

10:56:24 PM Mar 21st 2011
What did the Judaism version of God looks like the section needs an image link
02:22:14 PM Aug 28th 2010
edited by MrInitialMan
I removed the example of Queen Seondeok of Silla, since she ruled as Queen rather than King. Even though a Queen Regnant may have all the authority of a King, it is still a feminine, not masculine, title.

Now, if Seondeok was referred to as King Seondeok, this trope would apply. If that is the case, then feel free to re-add the example, but please include that clarification.

06:57:07 PM Jan 22nd 2018
I re-added Seondeok of Silla along with other two female monarchs of Silla since they are officially recorded as Wang, translated as King, though literal definition is gender-neutral. It's only during modern times that they are begun to be called Queens Regnant since modern Koreans don't want others to confuse them as males since other monarchs are all males. This is especially the case for Seondeok of Silla since there is another Silla King who is also called Seondeok and happened to be male.
05:29:09 AM May 29th 2010
I removed the Enchanted Forest Chronicles example under #2, as it was also under #3, and fit better there.
08:34:11 AM Aug 23rd 2013
I notice it is still in both. Being a new user, I don't have a good idea of the proper method and protocol for removing an example. Please check it out.
03:43:23 AM May 29th 2010
Does Type 3 (unisex title) really fit here, or should it be its own trope?
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