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04:52:31 PM Jan 3rd 2016
Pretty sure someone already thought it too, but my take on the thing, at least in context of fictional stories, is that Sex does sell-in the same way action does.
01:22:24 PM Nov 23rd 2014
Why is there no section for Video Game examples in this article?

Did I miss something? They're even mentioned in the page quote.
02:03:13 PM Nov 23rd 2014
I am guessing that people simply didn't add any of them.
08:48:06 AM Apr 8th 2013
Here's a Chinese ad for Coke and World of Warcraft where this was averted: the Chinese girl group SHE stands up to a sleazy agent holding up a girl in a Stripperific outfit. he turns into an Ogre at their refusal, they turn into World of Warcraft heroines. They deliver a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown and give him Laser-Guided Karma.
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