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04:40:07 PM May 5th 2014
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Is it me or the article is higly over-emphasising the importance of North American theatre? Seriously, this was the least important section of the war. Mainland Europe took most of the "fun". Then the West Indies, aka Carribean region. Then East Indies, aka Indian Subcontinent. Then oceanic warfare and privateers. And then, long last, North America. Not only it had marginal impact on things back in the Europe, but was purely Anglo-French thing over their colonial possessions - none of which were in scope of other great powers. I know a lot of Yanks is involved with this page, but the text under Interservice Rivalry nicely sums it up with that "self-interested" part
03:20:23 PM Sep 5th 2010
Frederick the Great as a Magnificent Bastard? Really? He was a damn good general, but not a Magnificent Bastard.