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08:37:40 PM Oct 10th 2010
I thought it was cats who were the obligate carnivores, not dogs.
08:57:46 PM Oct 10th 2010
You're right. Dogs are omnivores; they're healthier and happier with meat, but they can go veggie. Cats that go veggie go blind — they need some amino acid that's only in meat.

(One reason some people raise an eyebrow at the "Hakuna Matata" sequence in The Lion Kingall cats, inc. lions, need meat, and insects aren't a substitute. So some people get Fridge Logic when they think of Timon and Pumbaa making Simba go veggie through his entire adolescence.)
09:48:53 AM Aug 27th 2010
If we are going to be censoring the Protagonist's name, shouldn't we use the the fake name he had in the beginning?
03:48:43 PM Sep 16th 2010
09:06:15 PM Aug 20th 2010
How, exactly, would a sting from a box jellyfish make a heart unusable for donation? Wouldn't the toxin not transfer?
09:16:48 PM Aug 22nd 2010
The toxin of the box jellyfish affects the heart directly, rendering the heart unusable.
09:56:34 PM Aug 29th 2010
To be more specific, the venom of a box jellyfish causes a heart attack. Because your heart is the first to go, the rest of your body follows. So technically, they are taking the prime target of the jellyfish toxins out of Will Smith and sticking it into his girl. In other words, how does that even work? Did they immerse his heart in a gallon bucket of antivenin?

It would have made more sense for him to just stick himself in the ice bath without adding the jellyfish.
04:29:18 PM Jun 15th 2010
This page needs a rewrite. It has the mark of being written by someone who REALLY had a grudge against the movie, which got decent critical response. Seriously, it's the most overly-critical page I've seen outside of the Inheritance Cycle, over a movie that's, at worst, So Okay, It's Average.
08:44:14 AM Jun 20th 2010
Dislike of the movie seems to be pretty universal, and it vanished from theatres with lightning speed, so don't expect a lot of differing opinions.
09:24:49 PM Jun 28th 2010
edited by Latia
I was pretty suprised that there was so much dislike of this movie since I.... I wouldn't say liked it, but I was damn moved by it. But seeing all the Fridge Logic and Unfortunate Implications kind of put a damper on things.

Still, you are right, it's pretty damn harsh. Not to mention it's quite lulzy that all the criticsm didn't start flowing in until Film Brain did his review. He Panned It, Now IT Sucks?
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