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12:25:45 PM Jun 27th 2010
edited by Darkaros

  • Halo, the enemy factions of Covenant and Flood frequently come into contact, and fight each other. You have the option of either joining the chaos, or wait until one side of your enemies are all dead. The latter probably isn't a good tactic in the third installment, as the Flood can transform NP Cs in gameplay, and this will cause you to simply have even more Flood than usual to fight.
    • Near the end of the second game the Master Chief must fight through a Covenant civil war, with both sides hostile to him. And then the Flood shows up.

"Because When different preexisting factions of Mooks fight each other as well as the player character, that's a Mle Trois." Feel free to readd if there's someway to force enemies to fight other when they're not automatically doing so already.
08:49:11 PM Jan 4th 2011
Moved to Mle Trois and Splash Damage for similar reasons:
  • Also, enemies are divided into factions, and factions near each other fight even without trickery. Combine soldiers fight antlions and headcrab zombies, but zombies and antlions don't really get much chance to fight each other. A weapon available mid-way through the main game lets the player sic antlions on Combine soldiers intentionally.
    • There is exactly one scripted zombie vs. antlion fight: at the end of the bridge sequence in Sandtraps, a zombie and a couple of antlions are occupying the same ledge that you need to get by, so you simply wait for them to murder each other.
    • There are actually 4 major factions, all hostile to each other. The Combine Empire, The Resistance, The Antlions, and the Headcrabs and Zombies.
  • Iji
    • And long before that, simply kicking down a door can cause the two warring alien species to spot each other and then start spraying machine gun fire, launching spread rockets and firing Shocksplinter shells at each other. At times, they are already battling each other when you arrive at the scene. If you just wait a little, all you have to do is take down the few survivors before they pick up the healing items left behind by the rest.
      • Or, for that matter, abusing splash damage. If you're tough enough, you can intentionally get hit with a rocket while you're in a cluster of enemies, sending everyone flying. Nice for mining extra nano in a Pacifist Run.
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