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12:17:28 PM Oct 20th 2016
Is it also this trope if said power is defined by its rules, but the Exact Words of the rules also creates loopholes that the character's opponents exploit?

In the example I'm thinking of, the character has a computerized defense system on his person that can automatically detect an attack done with malicious intent targeted at him, neutralize it, and counterattack, without him needing to even do anything. The thing is that it will not protect him from the loopholes of non-malicious damage or attacks aimed at other people in which he happens to be in the way. (There are like three other loopholes his opponents find, but I don't remember what they are right now.)
01:48:53 PM Oct 20th 2016
If you watch One Piece one of the abilities of that show, is "Sensory Haki/ Mantra", the ability predicts an opponents moves by low level mind reading, the ability detects all attacks aimed at them. So when faced with an opponent with this ability (Eneru), protagonist Luffy bounces his rubber fists of the floor and walls, since he`s not controlling them after they ricochet, they hit Eneru. - I`m sure there`s a clip on youtube if you type in "Luffy vs Eneru"
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