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10:32:34 PM Nov 11th 2012
I removed this example, which has no source. Does anybody know where it's from?

  • unidentified Piers? Anthony work offers an ironic twist on this trope: a group of apparent demons are seen tormenting a chain-gang of apparent damned souls. Some of the demons are more enthusiastic than others, and are sent through a door where music is playing after completing their soul-herding tasks; others seem reluctant to abuse the prisoners as their duty demands, so are dropped through a hole in the ground from which screams issue.

    Only after all the demons have passed through one door or the other do the "damned souls" take off their human-soul costumes, revealing that they're the real demons; the ones who were told to torment them were actual human souls in demon costumes; the ones who willingly abused their "victims" when told to do so have actually been sent down to Hell's punishments, while the reluctant/merciful ones are being kicked out and released to Heaven.

06:38:34 AM Dec 21st 2011

Can someone who knows what happened explain what happened, or at least provide a link to the page where it happened so we can find out for ourselves?
08:36:19 PM Mar 30th 2012
Captain Estar, the character in the aforementioned webcomic by Winston Rowntree, is a hired killer who fell a long way to become that and gets a second chance when she finds an actual, physical heaven. She's placed into the life she could have had, but then rejects it as she's gotten used to the old one. The explanation can be found starting here:
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