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07:37:08 PM May 7th 2016
Trope is being cut per this TRS thread.
11:14:02 PM Dec 20th 2014
Not sure I see how the RWBY example is an example of Selective Squick. It has violence and dark themes but no swearing. And? The Incredibles also has violence and dark themes but no swearing. I'm not seeing how that makes it Selective Squick. Unless someone can demonstrate (and explain in the example itself) how this serves to remind a Periphery Demographic that they are a Periphery Demographic.
07:40:14 PM Dec 9th 2012
Edited the xxxHolic example to conform more closely to the definition of Seinen as described in its article, including pruning the below comment which implies a lack of distinction between Seinen and Josei.

  • Seinen means it's targetted at adults of both genders. Do you mean shonen?
08:12:02 AM Mar 31st 2010
edited by johnnye
Pruned the Star Wars example for natter. Yup, deleting tenuous Rule 34 justifications for an animated fourteen year old Clone Wars character - TV Tropes has officially Ruined My Life.

  • She's enough of a stick figure by figure to pass for fourteen. In fact, it wouldn't look plausible if she was supposed to be older. Perhaps the somewhat deforming animation style is to blame for not everyone noticing. And on what century was that outfit skanky? (Answer: sometime in the last century, when they still censored navels.) Doesn't stop Rule 34, of course, but nothing does.
  • Ahsoka's 17 by the end of the Clone Wars, if that helps.
  • So what if she's 14? She's not human. Her whole race's growth rate could just be different and reach puberty way faster. It's silly to think that all alien races are fully grown adult at the same age of 18.
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