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05:07:23 AM Dec 20th 2011
edited by Camacan
Not a subversion as written. Please see Subverted Trope. This trope is not a given: a set of companions may be close and as protective or not, it's a story design choice. For this to be a subversion we need the specifics to how the expectation of True Companions is established and then, unexpectedly, not followed.

  • True Companions: Mostly subverted, as there is a lot of hate and bad blood going on amongst the Earth heroes thanks to Civil War. However, there's a brief flash when Thor kills Wasp, where he's clearly in anguish at having to put down one of his fellow original Avengers. Then back to the subversion as he turns right around and flatly informs Iron Man that he's not adverse to doing the same to him if the need arises. Ouch.
    • The subversion seems solely focused on Iron Man as everyone seems to blame him solely for the situation. Thor happily greets Hank, but tells Stark he's never joining forcing with him again. The New Avengers gladly take Ms Marvel with them into hiding but coldly leave Stark to the wolves thinking he deserves it.
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