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Pulling the following from the main page, as Knight Templar is a No Real Life Examples, Please! trope.

  • Knight(s) Templar: The JLU. A "proactive security" group themed on the DC Comics heroes that concerns itself with seeking out major griefing operations and eliminating them. While they effectively function as a non-profit private security firm, they are notorious for what some see as their shoot-first-ask-questions-later attitude, filing mass abuse reports against people who haven't done anything on the basis that they will, because they associate with known griefers. Heavily implicated with the Woodbury incidents. They also smear campaign the hell out of some groups, Woodbury included, to paint them as vile griefers with no morals or shame. When, in actuality, many of these groups, even Woodbury once upon a time, were mostly just people who kept to themselves and had fun, with the occasional griefer popping up here and there.
    • The JLU are heavily known in some corners of SL for abusing power and yearning for control, and a lot of their secrets have been leaked by both other players and people who just got sick of them on multiple occasions. These range from, but don't end with, putting alt accounts of their members into what they believed to be invite only "griefer groups" to listen in on conversations and 'gather intel', to having ties with at least one person with the ability to lift bans in the really large clusters of sims, who allow their alts into the sims to patrol, to even sweeping aside and booting their own lower ranked members who question the leaders' authority and how they do things. Woodburry, among others, was victim to the first. Fur Nation was revealed to be victim to the second.
    • And in place of the third, it's actually rumored that they have some kind of info on former members, as ex-JLU who were kicked out or who left of their own accord tend to be very reluctant to openly speak out against them publicly.
    • They are also quite notorious for constantly claiming they are not vigilantes, despite the fact that they fit the exact theme of what a vigilante would be: They go out of their way to take control of situations in the place of Lindens and sim/land owners, for the sake of justice and proper order, and see themselves as accountable to no one. Hell, they even openly stated on their own blog site that they feel accountable to no one but themselves.
    • It seriously doesn't help their claims that during a big incident in which their documents were leaked by an unknown source, much info of which is on the SL Universe forums, information was revealed that they had a plan to return to Second Life with a system of alt accounts they made and a secondary group they created, in the event that they ever got banned, regardless of the reason for such a thing. That's right. The same group that openly claims the Lindens are usually right will defy those same Lindens and use the same tactics they claim griefers always use to return to SL to continue their fight, and think that any Linden who bans them is a bad person.
    • Speaking of publicly, they tend to ignore people who vigorously oppose them and their actions. Those who go as far as to regularly protest and speak out against them and their methods, usually end up lumped together with the actual griefers, and are regularly treated and regarded by their group as such.
    • It doesn't help that they were rumored to abuse their connections in Ban Link. For those who don't know, Ban Link was a system in which sim owners could report griefers, and if enough sim owners reported a griefer's account name to Ban Link, the system automatically banned the individual from any sim tied to/protected by Ban Link. The problem was that this report count was for individual sims/owners, and the JLU tends to keep lots of both in the core group, so they would report people multiple times who spoke out against them often, to keep them away and try to shut them up.
    • And since Ban Link was shut down, the JLU came up with their own personal version, called Phantom Zone. It essentially does the same thing, except, unlike Ban Link, it's completely under the JLU's control and authority. Their leaders decide who's on the blacklist or not, can add and remove account names freely, and thus skip the reporting process altogether, and since it's their program, no one else has authority over it but them. The worst part? They actually market this to sim owners, some of which have popular sims, and quite a few put complete faith into the system, meaning if you're on their list, you can't go anywhere protected by Phantom Zone. Even if the place has nothing to do with the JLU, the system will auto-kick and ban you upon detecting your entry.
    • And one of their biggest known 'operations' to date was leaked in the above mentioned leak fiasco: The leader, Kalel Venkman himself managed to get an alt account elevated to an 'Officer' status in Something Awful's SL group, around the time the group owner was banned. He immediately kicked all few hundred members of the group, and kept kicking any the other Officers tried to let back in. Since the then banned owner was the only one capable of stopping it, Kalel pretty much did a one-man vigilante crackdown on a giant group, something that would be instant grounds for a permanent ban normally. A couple of his followers in the JLU, however, fully supported him and spoke out that they felt it was right when questioned during said fiasco.
    • And the icing on the cake is related to the above mentioned smear campaigns. The JLU are known for their strict moderation on their personal blog site, and they're lesser known for occasionally keeping an eye on publicly editable articles related to them, such as wiki pages, and editing them whenever any of the truths about them are put up, claiming it's libel. They outright refuse people who speak out against them from making comments on their blog, as all comments must pass through a moderation process, to filter the negative comments out and accept the good ones. Some have even claimed they got IP banned from their blog after enough failed attempts to directly address things they're trying to sweep under the rug. In the meantime, they do their own smear campaigns of groups they claim to oppose on their blog site, and consider any blog, forum, or public page they have no ability to edit that contains any of the truths about them to be an outright libel filled smear campaign against them, to the point that they're reluctant to even comment about incidents on public forums like SL Universe.
    • They're regarded more by the masses who oppose them as individuals diagnosed with the Superhero Syndrome, more than being Knights Templar, which would explain why they do a lot of what they do. Much speculation has been placed into the belief that they desire enemies, and always seek new ones out. Hilariously, they see groups related to any form of culture similar to 4chan's, Something Awful's, etc, as some form of evil. So any time a group pops up that's not even griefing and is keeping to themselves, yet has some 4chan or Reddit related references or anything related, really, they tend to finger it as the next big enemy and harass the group. To many individuals who oppose them, it appears as if they simply want to remain relevant, like the actual fictional heroes who never run out of enemies to fight, because there have been quite a few cases where they went out of their way just to make new enemies to fight.
    • And the meaning behind making new enemies is the harassment. They often times simply harass groups who they see as the new Big Bad, and they have sometimes filed false abuse reports on them, but most of their initial tactics involve antagonizing the groups they target. Spying on private group chat, stalking the group's members in-world, keeping constant tabs on them, even going as far as finding ways to sneak into their sims, and thoroughly searching every virtual inch for something related to internet culture. Such tactics can result in the group retaliating, which has happened a few times before, and they've always cried victim for it. They PUSH groups that they make themselves believe are griefer groups into actually attacking them, all to truly turn them into the bad guys. And the ones who keep their cool and don't retaliate with hostility still end up smear campaigned.
    • A follow up since this one was hardly explained here: some years ago, before the most recent leak, a group got together and managed to leak the JLU's private documents called The Wrong Hands, which managed to prove that they did in fact compile a relatively decent amount of real life information on what they themselves believed to be the really bad or dangerous griefers. In response to this, the JLU's leader himself openly declared straight away that the wiki contents were false and not even remotely related to them. However, they immediately started sending DMC As to every single third party file hosting site that the files were being uploaded to once they saw how fast the documents were spreading, and that it wasn't something they could make go away by ignoring. That's right. Immediately after claiming the content were not theirs, they turned around and sent a declaration to every site that hosted the info short of torrent sites that it WAS theirs and had to be removed. The most hilarious part? Most of the wiki contents not only didn't really belong to them, being primarily real life and in-game info on their targets, but had nothing to do with them outside of some text documents of private group meetings. Ever since, they created a secondary group and their upper ranks decided that all new members would be placed in that group, with absolutely no chance of advancing into the main one, for fear of a mole ever getting wiki access again.
    • To this day they still parade that incident as the day someone hacked into their wiki and stole their info. There's many holes in their argument, though, both created by them and others. For starters, it's claimed that it was done via an alt account, no hacking occurred whatsoever, someone was HANDED the password to their wiki and leaked it. Also, as stated, the majority of the wiki contents were private chat logs of groups that they stalked, bios of people they track in-game, real life info compilations of the people they believe are the biggest threats, and only a small fraction of the entire contents even directly involved the JLU itself, most of that fraction being recorded documents of their private group chats that revealed that they had friends among the game's Linden admins. Finally, as for holes they create, the biggest is their constant claim that all real life info they get is from simple Google searches, even though the most recent leak confirmed they also had private medical information on at least a couple of individuals. Google search or not, the amount of info compiled was borderline stalker level, and despite claiming they got the info from Google and it's all public, they still maintain that the leaking of that info from their wiki is data theft.

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