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06:04:29 PM May 11th 2010
mmm, this is weird and such, but can we add something about how male minds have these special hormones that work differently from female hormones?
10:42:24 AM Aug 1st 2010
Testostorone and Estrogen. That's true and the basis of Transexuals. That is a point.
01:36:42 AM Dec 14th 2011
edited by VandalHeartX
Unfortunate Implication / Alternative Character Interpretation: Stockholm Syndrome and/or Grass Is Greener

Stockholm Syndrome in this context is easy enough to explain. Put the new gender biology in the place of the captor and the gender identity in place of the captive and this rule is an interpretation of the psychological process Stockholm describes. Grass is Greener? Assuming the character didn't want to be gender flipped in the first place (ignoring real life transgenders, as most of these fictions do, the character usually doesn't want it), then you have a much easier, if demeaning explanation of the resistance to bending back to the original gender: it's not the gender that's the problem. It's the change they ultimately fear and thus, resist. The character has no real gender identity, he/she just doesn't want to readjust to another gender. Again. They don't want the status quo restored, they just want what they're used to, and now they're used to their bent state.

Now, who wants to go count all the Unfortunate Implications this theory touches on... or outright slaps in the face?
01:51:31 PM Jan 28th 2017
"Now, who wants to go count all the outright Master Sword stabs in the groin this theory touches on?"



Ain't nobody got time for that.
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