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02:16:11 PM Oct 3rd 2014
Is there ever a story that features the start of this? Like the main character is part of whatever ancient civilization created/found the evil and they've got to seal it because they can't destroy it? Or someone n-thousand years later finds it and rather than destroying it/going back in time to stop it when/before it was born, they just seal it back in the can/make a better can?
09:22:51 PM Jan 13th 2014
A pity no one dosen't just completely convert the evil into data(completely you hear? I don't want 'any'' supernaturalness remaining) then stuff/force it into a computer.... not compatable with any Internet or computer connection so that it dosen't escape and use said Internet to cause trouble. The worst it could do is commit suicide by deleting all computer files. Of course said files could still be restored allowing you to continue sending the evil into an eternal virtual hell.
11:14:09 AM Jun 22nd 2013
As of this writing, the page stands at 402428 characters. Policy is to split pages beyond 400k and some of the folders have gotten considerably large, so I'm splitting those off into subpages.
02:41:26 PM Sep 22nd 2012
Should cases where the Evil isn't really "sealed" — i.e. deliberately locked away, as per the trope's description — but merely trapped be split off? Because an awful lot of the examples seem to be cases where the threat got blocked by natural forces, not something an opposing force did to stop it (e.g. the alien from The Thing got frozen because it crash-landed in Antarctica, not because Precursors hit it with a freeze ray).
06:31:54 AM May 14th 2010
Should Pandora's Box perhaps be a redirect?
03:50:42 PM Apr 22nd 2010
Quote from the Necronomicon
03:51:01 PM Apr 22nd 2010
Why, oh why, is it attributed to a video game....