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07:06:46 AM Feb 19th 2013
"In The Rowan, all the psychic Primes who handle interstellar teleportation were trained by the neurotic, agoraphobic and overbearing Siglen who telepathically impressed her own inability to handle personal travel into all the other Primes, making travel off their homeworlds a mind-scarringly traumatic experience and leaving The Rowan unable to assist her distant lover in a Bug War that threatens to kill his entire planet. Luckily, The Power of Love leads her to ovecome the effects by realizing that it's just psychological baggage, not an inherent trait of Primes."

In Damia's Children, it's specifically mentioned that Talented parenting means screening and (gently) manipulating children as they grow to detect and treat any severe psychological issues before they become deeply ingrained. They learned from Siglen's Screening to make sure future Primes could safely Answer.
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