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05:07:49 AM Mar 28th 2013
Is "Glaswegian" the same as "Patter"?

01:57:32 PM Mar 28th 2013
No, no, dear gawd in heaven, no. Never ask that question in Scotland, or around any drunken Scots on the off chance that they are from Glasgow and give you a Glaswegian kiss (unless, of course, you have a death wish involving getting curb-stomped by extras from Train Spotting and then an introduction to the nearest analogue to the Worst Loo in Scotland). Glaswegian is a particular dialect spoken by Scots from Glasgow. It's nigh-incomprehensible, extremely contagious to those who use English as primary or secondary language of choice, and usually if you hear it being spoken, it's by someone who's extremely cantankerous, never far away from a beer, and who's willing to fight at a moment's notice.
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