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04:35:06 PM Mar 7th 2012
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Should we add a Real life explination for the trope? Scars are the result of repaired tissue- new tissue, untanned and some scar tissue has the inability to tan. The deeper the wound, the more likely infection will set in, the scar tissue only does skin, not the musles under it, so it will have a red over layer. Skin tone, infection, type of weopon used, (burn scars heal slowly depending on the degree). It should be noted, but doen't know the best way to incoperate it into the wiki.
09:24:32 AM Oct 7th 2013
I second the idea of "Real Life" being a category, as there ARE cases where people have refused to remove a scar as a badge of honour (and not just for scarification). Niki Lauda in particular comes across as a Real Life example of the trope (he received severe burns to the head in the 1976 German Grand Prix, and has refused reconstructive surgery other than for his eyelids because he pretty much considers the scars a sign that he's a Badass Survivor).
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