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08:37:00 PM Sep 21st 2012
...I really don't get the picture. At all.

"Don't let Bowser"?
02:44:59 PM Mar 22nd 2012
I LO Led at this.
  • Majora's Mask has a kidnapped princess that is the basis for reaching the first dungeon. However, you can finish the game without needing to free her from her prison.

The example to me reads like "Unfortunately there's still a princess that needs saving but on the bright side you can leave her rotting in that dungeon if you want." Like that's a victory for women's rights.

I guess the other possible implication is that the princess could totally save herself but she's lazy so she's going to wait and see if you'll do it for her. Not sure if that's much better.

Not a complaint, just thought it was funny the way its written.

12:08:29 PM Jan 9th 2011
Baldur's Gate: "If you don't see the Twist Ending coming, turn in your badge."

What badge? I think this is a good example of why The Untwist has no example section.
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