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12:32:53 AM Jul 29th 2017
Can Von Kaiser actually USE the MP-40 though?
10:38:56 PM Dec 7th 2013
Thanos was surprisingly not that hard despite being one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel universe. That said, his moveset has a number of attacks which would make him an outright dickhead to beat if the AI bothered to take advantage of them. For example, his bubble special stuns you if it hits, leaving you open to a deadlier attack. Not only that, but his three most-abused ranged moves are actually NORMAL moves. While you don't have to worry about chip damage, Thanos's super gauge builds like CRAZY, meaning he can catch you with one of his six supers. Speaking of his supers they range from having two stone slabs crush you to death to hurling a miniature sun at you and two which cause Interface Screw. And surprisingly, his supers are a double-edged sword. The AI isn't smart enough to realize that Thanos doesn't need the gem in question to do the particular super. (Or maybe that's the point.) Knock a gem off of him and you're a step closer to kicking his ass.

Okay, this is REALLY understating how difficult Thanos is. The thing about his A.I not being smart enough to do a correlating Super is a moot point when he takes all your gems at the beginning of the fight, and unlike every other character, he doesn't lose his gems when hit by a Special. He can only lose them when hit by a Super, but he doesn't need to do the same to you. He does spam his long range moves and leaves up open for his Supers.
09:45:36 PM Aug 19th 2012
Trope Name is not clear, need familiarity to a specific game/franchise to understand- eh, you know the drill.
09:10:55 AM Aug 20th 2012
Take it to the Trope Repair Shop, dude.
02:38:59 PM Jul 26th 2012
Too much narm on this page.
08:47:17 AM Mar 26th 2012
edited by AMNK
Is it worth to separate examples into "Bosses and sub/mini-bosses" and "Gold/Black mode characters".
06:08:08 PM Nov 23rd 2013
04:51:14 AM Nov 7th 2011
I say axe the non-fighting game section: this trope specifically involves fighting game conventions. Otherwise, it's just a That One Boss page.
05:42:12 AM Nov 7th 2011
Should take this one to the Trope Repair Shop?
09:22:25 PM Feb 6th 2012
In theory this shouldn't be limited to fighting games. Any game where everyone in the cast is supposed to have an equal chance of beating each other until a boss comes would count. Racing Games, such as Wizpig in Diddy Kong Racing, come to mind.

Most of the non fighting game examples don't make any sense though. The strategy games like Fire Emblem are the furthest from fighting games. Match ups between units are not supposed to be fair, that's the whole point, to make them as much in your favor as possible.
03:08:09 PM Jul 19th 2010
edited by AMNK
EDIT: Forget it.
12:33:17 AM Jul 9th 2010
edited by Arutema
BlazBlue Unlimited characters.

How many of them are actually fought as bosses. They're not SNK Bosses if you can only see them in Versus mode, not as an actual Boss Battle.

In Calamity Trigger, there are only Hakumen, Rachel, Nu, and Ragna. Continuum Shift is only out in Japan, so I don't have that info yet. Can an importer clarify and remove the non-boss examples?

They're kind of bloating the page.
05:41:45 AM Nov 7th 2011
There's also a lot of Walkthrough Mode on the page, so yes, it needs a HUGE cleanup.
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