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09:19:21 PM Oct 30th 2017
Why is halo listed here? Unless they offer a realistic reason why the driving is done in third person like in mechwarrior online, it really shouldn't count. I was gonna complain about how like most unrealistic games, the tank is just driven by one person, but there is a reason why so I will let that go. A better example of a tank sim would be tank driving in red orchestra 2. The inside of the tank is fully modelled, it is done in first person view and you need more than one person to drive it. Unlike halo where it is done in third person. Then there is the fact that to my knowledge, the tank's shells, which are just that, standard shells that are subject to gravity, do not suffer from bullet drop at all. TLDR: Why is halo an example under simulations?
09:31:01 AM Mar 13th 2013
Why isn't spore listed here?
10:54:11 AM Mar 13th 2013
Because nobody added it yet. Do feel free to edit it yourself.
05:07:28 PM Mar 15th 2013
good point, what sub category of simulation games do you think spore should go under?
09:30:34 AM Mar 16th 2013
A new "artifical life and evolution" section, since there are many such games. Done.
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