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06:44:55 PM Apr 26th 2014
anyone know who the star wars girl from the main page is
10:26:34 AM Aug 27th 2013
Suggesting that we remove Waif-Fu. From reading the trope it's more about fighting tactics for smaller women rather than the more fanservice-y She-Fu (as in, it doesn't sound like it's made for sex appeal specifically), and the description ("Svelte women cannot hit that hard") is inaccurate to the "impossible" requirement for this—the trope is specifically about how they can't hit hard and use martial arts techniques instead.
08:47:19 PM Aug 28th 2013
I think it's fine. The point of the entry is that because it's sexier for the fighter to be a petite woman, the fact that logically she shouldn't be able to be as effective is overlooked.
05:29:44 AM Aug 31st 2013
edited by
That's a good point, but I still feel the description ignores the way that the trope works. ...But maybe I'm being a bit pedantic.
03:28:58 PM Aug 11th 2012
Anyone know what the trope is for when a girl bends further forward than in real life is physically possible?
10:57:56 PM Jul 13th 2012
Does anyone know what the game is from teh video from the quote?
03:09:23 PM Mar 27th 2011
Wait, how is Manly Gay Rule of Sexy?
06:02:44 PM Sep 24th 2010
Why does the article have "Compare Fetish Fuel" when Fetish Fuel is listed in its Sub-Trope index?
06:06:24 PM Sep 24th 2010
Fixed that.
10:47:49 PM Mar 10th 2010
edited by Camacan
I'm going to attempt to merge in my attempt at Rule of Sexy to see what people think. I'm putting the original version here in case it doesn't work out in part or whole.

She looks hot, even if her legs are freezing.

The limit of the Willing Suspension of Disbelief for a given element is directly proportional to its degree of sexyness.

Whether it's fashion design, mild Fanservice or hardcore porn, there is large degree of Artistic License for anything sexy enough. It doesn't matter if something is impractical, impossible, or even safe (as in physically safe) as long as it turns on the viewers.

This can especially apply to particular forms of Playing to the Fetishes. Many amateur stories about certain fetishes rely on this.

It might be obvious, but it should be noted many instances are also Not Safe for Work (and why this page picture is only a mild example).

Compare Fetish, Fetish Fuel, Turn On Tropes (both have instances which are more how the viewers feel than relying on this trope).

Contrast Squick, Fetish Retardant.

Tropes Where Most Examples Are This:

11:09:49 PM Mar 10th 2010
We already put that text on Custom Uniform of Sexy. So no need to mix them since you still have that trope.
11:17:29 PM Mar 10th 2010
edited by Camacan
Did you read the whole text? Almost all of it is more general than just the application to Custom Uniform of Sexy and doesn't belong there.
11:37:21 PM Mar 10th 2010
Actually, a lot of that applies more to the Rule of Glamorous trope I have (switching to another picture for that in a moment). Mind if I crib some of the text for that?
09:17:29 AM Mar 24th 2010
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I think this has a lot more business existing than the Glamourous or Custom Uniform ones, actually.

But the picture needs to change; it just isn't all that hot. It's an exceedingly thin woman with an obviously fake, almost disturbing smile (Fetish Retardant if it's anything) in an outfit that isn't all that provocative or revealing.
11:41:30 AM Mar 24th 2010
First of all, that's your opinion. Second of all, the description states going for something really showing the trope would border on not safe for work. Such things tend to get some sponsors weary, and some pages even have pictures locked out because of that.
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