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05:04:40 PM May 18th 2015
A simple explanation for why adding lasers makes anything cooler.

Lasers have negative temperature.
10:35:46 PM Aug 22nd 2013
I have the perfect quote for the page, but do I have to ask permission from anyone to put it up here?
03:28:45 AM Aug 23rd 2013
Normally, no, but this page has a special hidden note saying that there shouldn't be any quote. Feel free to add it to the quotes page instead.
06:10:38 PM Mar 8th 2013
edited by LiamM32
I saw that James Bond film recently; Skyfall. I think that it used the Rule of Cool trope quite a bit. There was that scene when they were at the bar in Shanghai, and 007 fell into that place where a Komodo dragon was kept. I went on the internet to see if there were bars or restaurants like that in Real Life. I couldn't find any, so I'll assume that they don't exist. But I'm not going to criticize Skyfall for unrealistically having a bar that keeps Komodo dragons. I would rather criticize real life for not having them, because they're awesome.
06:55:53 AM Mar 3rd 2011
I think it should be noted that this trope can be used poorly. For example, when a work wants to take itself seriously, then the Rule of Cool will make it look like some rediculous story written by a particularily immature twelve-year-old.
07:40:53 AM Jul 13th 2010
Axe Cop should be added to the Rule of Cool Webcomics section.
03:36:57 PM Apr 8th 2010
edited by The_Void
Anyone think that this should be the new picture instead:

-**albums**/vv234/The_Void_68/batman.jpg- (Just take out the asterisks and the hyphons, the site won't let me post a direct link to my own photobucket account)

I mean nothing is cooler than the above.
12:46:13 PM Sep 4th 2010
No, THIS is the most awesome thing ever, and it's the alternate cover of the same book that the current image is of!
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