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11:11:43 PM Jun 7th 2013
The page quote doesn't have a source—it looks like a troper just made it up. (The only Bing hit for the quote is the TVTtropes page. I'm going to replace it with Lewis Carrol's "What I tell you three times is true" from Snark—is that okay?
11:43:25 PM Nov 30th 2012
"This Youtube video." Entry from Real Life.

The video that it led to has been removed due to repeated third-party copyright infringement.

Since it seems unlikely an acceptable substitute for the entry can be found, I removed it.
10:28:29 PM Nov 30th 2012
"The Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The first sometimes is represented by an eye set in a triangle."

If you read the King James, the New International, or the New World translations, none of them actually use the word 'trinity'. The Holy Spirit is represented more as a active force of Jehovah God rather then independent entity in its own right.
01:49:42 PM Jan 11th 2011
I didn't change it because I wasn't sure which one was the right one to delete, but the Harry Potter example repeats the three hallows
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