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12:02:11 AM Apr 20th 2014
I wondered - should Short-Range Long-Range Weapon with regards to video games, live-action TV and film be considered going under this trope?

My thoughts are games or other moving visual media simulating/displaying shooting at targets you can barely even see let alone be immediately identifiable as an individual would of course be lacking obvious perception for its audience, inviting the trope to commonly occur in said media.
05:25:05 AM Feb 6th 2012
The entire section dealing with quantum observation, uncertainty principles and dead(?) cats needs to be revised for being "in violation" of tvtropes posting style. I'm not being a rules lawyer or a stop-having-fun-guy, but the whole section devolves pretty quickly into a minor debate and ruins the flow of things (as post debates are wont to do). I'd fix it but I'm too lazy.
04:08:43 PM Oct 3rd 2011
Cut this:
* In the Slurm Factory episode of Futurama Fry, thirsty as hell and obsessed with getting his hands on some Slurm, tries to get at the Slurm river the boat is riding on. When Fry finally dives in, because he can't reach it any other way, he comes up spitting because it's not Slurm, it's just a foul-tasting liquid meant to look like Slurm in order to fool people on the tour.
Because this is not an example of this trope.
05:19:43 AM Feb 6th 2012
Unless Slurm has a distinctive smell. Logically speaking, it probably does. However, I'm pretty certain that it was never implicitly stated to have a distinctive odor. Thus, the example should be removed.
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