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05:47:38 PM Sep 4th 2014
Can someone please explain to me why this entry has been cutlisted?
02:09:44 AM Sep 5th 2014
Because we don't want that kind of redirect at all.
07:19:17 AM Sep 5th 2014
What kind of redirect is that? I'm not trying to be obtuse here. I genuinely don't understand what you're talking about.
07:23:46 AM Sep 5th 2014
Route666 is a redirect to ComicBook.Route666. That's why when you click on Route666 you end up on ComicBook.Route666
08:05:25 PM Sep 5th 2014
So are you saying the entry will still exist, but the address will just be different?
01:49:46 AM Sep 6th 2014
No, this entry will go away. The ComicBook.Route 666 page will still be around, but there won't be a page (or redirect) on Main.Route 666.
11:16:19 AM Sep 8th 2014
To clarify my question, because I suspect I used poor wording, all of the information about the comic book and the tropes contained therein will be retained and available to the browsing public, but will be accessible at a different address (or rather, at one of the addresses it currently is, but not the other). Is that correct?

If so, I withdraw all objection.