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04:18:19 PM Jul 6th 2013
For Pacific Rim, Ron's character, Hannibal Chau, has a scar, gold teeth and a messed-up eye which he takes pains to hide (hence the sunglasses). Was thinking of adding this, perhaps hidden in case it's a spoiler?
07:18:24 PM Nov 6th 2011
edited by CodeMan38
I'm not sure just where to file this, but I found it strangely amusing in a timey-wimey sort of way: the Animaniacs sketch Hot, Bothered and Bedevilled has Ron Perlman playing the part of the Devil. The curious part, of course, being that this was two whole decades before Hellboy...
07:47:57 PM Nov 6th 2011
...and I see now that this is mentioned in the Hilarious in Hindsight entry on the Animaniacs page. Yeah, I guess that would be the best place to put it!
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