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08:38:01 AM Oct 9th 2017
I have deleted all films on this list that aren't actually on Ebert's list. I very much like the existence of this page, but I can't think of a reason why there is a long list of bad Ebert reviews that are not on his Most Hated Film list. The man was a film critic for something like fifty years and there must have been many pans. In theory one could sift the Ebert archives and post any review that got less than two stars, and that would be a whole bunch of reviews. Since this is a large change I'm pasting the material below and I'd be happy to discuss it with anyone who disagrees.
08:43:33 AM Oct 9th 2017
Hm, the forum doesn't seem to want to let me post that material here. I have instead posted it at the Sandbox, post #6344 in the Sandbox forum. Link here:
06:09:20 PM Dec 4th 2017
edited by jameygamer
I think it's ok to have the extra reviews in a sandbox, but do please start a discussion before removing next time.

Do you think this page is too complainy, though? I know Fast Eddie gave a Thumb's Up to having this page exist, as he's commented in this discussion as well, but has this attitude changed?

Thank you!
06:14:34 PM Dec 4th 2017
edited by jamespolk
I don't think the page is too complain-y. It is after all a list by a highly regarded critic. It is the same thing as the Golden Raspberry Award, the only difference is that it was a list compiled by one person. Like I said in my first post, this is a good index and I'd be against any attempt to cut it.

The reason I removed the additional reviews was, as I noted above, that they are not on Ebert's list. And if we put just any thumbs-down Ebert review up here, the list could get really long, and there's no way to draw a line as to what should and shouldn't be on here.
07:24:47 PM Dec 4th 2017
Alright. I am curious to see what others have to say about this.
01:19:18 PM Jul 25th 2016
I am cutting all mentions of this on the Trivia pages for works. Someone's been potholing this to every Trivia page they can find - a list of films someone doesn't like isn't a trope.
05:06:34 PM Aug 23rd 2015
For whatever reason, the Other Hated Films folder isn't registering as a folder. I took a look at the source, and couldn't find anything inherently wrong. Is it just something wrong with the formatting?
01:19:45 AM Aug 24th 2015
edited by jormis29
It is probably too big and needs to be divided into smaller folders
04:45:07 AM Sep 1st 2015
I have fixed the folders by spliting alphabetically but you should really divide it up a different way
01:32:45 PM Apr 27th 2015
I added Jaws: The Revenge to the list under the Other Hated Films file. It DID get a zero.

Any problems with that?
08:07:04 PM May 2nd 2011
Re cut: Serves as a good index to article on this wiki.
09:29:51 PM May 2nd 2011
It's still a lazy-ass copypasta.
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