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07:27:27 AM Jun 26th 2012
In the Facebook game MouseHunt, there is can item called the Oasis Bead. While it draws water to it, it does not actually create water.

Is the Oasis Bead still an example?

The Oasis Bead may not contribute much to the storyline, but that's because there's very little plot to begin with. It is, however, clear that it is meant to be sought after.

The description of the Oasis Bead is:
This artifact has a high value, especially out in the desert. By just concentrating on the small bead it can find a source of water anywhere and draw it to you. Some believe that a number of these were going to be used together to try and flood Gnawnia with it's nearby shores, others just think the mice use it for the long and perilous journey across the Sandtail desert.

What variation of the original trope is this?
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