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06:33:18 PM Aug 5th 2010
edited by johnnye
I just wish to share with the world the Incredibly Lame Pun rename I just thought of for this trope;

Our Friend's Electric! There's a Gary Numan song called "Are Friends Electric?"
04:30:05 PM Aug 1st 2010
Didn't this article used to have a picture?
05:09:45 PM Aug 1st 2010
Yes. It appears to have been deleted for being a spoiler. This isn't a concern I consider reasonable, since there's no easy way to identify who the character is in the shot, and it's not linked to the series the picture comes from Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha. For this reason I've restored it.
06:30:19 PM Aug 5th 2010
edited by johnnye
There must be something better than the current picture, you can't see anything except blue sparks.

Does Alien count as It Was His Sled yet? Because the shot of Ash's severed head being rewired would be perfect.
09:29:55 PM Aug 22nd 2010
..and all the gray wires. That's pretty indicative, I think. Unless it is the replacement.
01:44:09 AM Sep 12th 2010
I'm the one who deleted the picture, because I noticed the character instantly by the shape and the color of her top. However, since seeing how many people don't actually recognize it, I guess it is spoiler-safe (maybe I'm just hyper-aware).
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