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03:40:01 PM Jul 2nd 2014
I vote we change the page-image to this because, well, it's the world's ridiculously average face and not just that of the USA.
12:02:28 AM Jul 3rd 2014
That seems like a suggestion for Image Picking.
01:05:26 AM Jul 12th 2014
Er.... yes? I don't know how that works, but that sounds about right. ^_^
09:11:58 AM May 3rd 2013
Is this trope entirely about average guys in fiction can still get chicks? Because 3/4 of the description is devoted towards that.
10:38:28 AM Nov 25th 2010
That picture is creepy.
07:22:06 PM Dec 27th 2010
How so? If anything, it's creepy in how nondescript the guy is. :/
02:03:52 PM Jun 14th 2011
edited by RedViking
It's creepy because his face sits right in the middle of the Uncanny Valley. Maybe because his skin looks like wax or maybe because he's too perfectly average.

But whatever the reason, it's a good picture. Nobody is that ridiculously average, so you can tell right away that something's off.
07:06:03 PM Oct 14th 2011
I am curious about where the picture is from.
06:24:48 AM Jul 24th 2012
He's staring into my soul with those average eyes...

AGH! Make it go away!
03:37:44 PM Jul 2nd 2014
I'm curious about where the guys is 'average' for. I'm thinking it has to be Europe or the 'white' Commonwealth, on account of the skin and eyes.
07:45:51 AM Dec 22nd 2014
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^Hm no, if anything, average for the Western world (well, Europe and the Americas). I'm from a south american country and every day I walk by plenty of people to whom this guy resembles a little. Hell, he looks a little bit like me too.
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