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11:40:43 AM Feb 21st 2012
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Fantasy Expies of Richard:

  • Arcia Chronicles takes place in an Fantasy Counterpart Culture of Middle-Ages England and the second duology reenacts the Wars of the Roses. Richard's expy is renamed to Alexander and portrayed as probably the most virtuous individual in the entire series. While still a hunchback, his deformity doesn't make him evil but instead prompts him to impress people with virtuous acts rather than appearances (even though those acts are quickly forgotten). In the end, Alexander also loses his Battle of Bosworth but is nursed to health in safety by the resident Mary Sue massively overpowered witch, who later realizes that he is pretty much the only suitable commander for the "good" army in the Final Battle. As you may have noticed, the author is a huge fan of Richard III.

  • A Song of Ice and Fire is heavily based on the Wars of the Roses, complete with a character, Tyrion, who has many resemblances to Richard III but is treated in a far more sympathetic manner.
    • Another candidate is Stannis Baratheon. Robert is analogous to Edward IV, and Richard III was his brother, who seized the throne by declaring his nephews illegitimate in this case, honestly and correctly.
    • The best example of a Shakespearean Richard, however, would be Lord Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger, who has people assassinated left, right and centre, throws the country into civil war for purposes of pure social advancement, has zero qualms about murdering children and pinning the blame on somebody else, and gradually acquires more and more power and authority under successive regimes after havig the previous occupant offed, possibly with the ultimate goal of seizing the throne for himself, or at least putting a pawn on it. All through pure manipulation and treachery, and maintaining an air of Villain with Good Publicity despite constantly telling everyone just how untrustworthy he is.
07:42:09 PM May 28th 2011
Richard III has been a controversial figure for well over 500 years. It's surprising to find no discussion about him here!