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05:14:36 PM Jun 10th 2010
A misplaced message from Rhyme Beat:

Oh my got this Needs a Better Name. Especially when we're dealing with a Series Trope Namer adding reverse just is akward. I'd go with an actual example. Perhaps Peanuts Syndrome? Good trope but akward name.
08:09:52 AM Jul 3rd 2010
What about Jelly Baby Syndrome?
08:44:28 AM Sep 9th 2010
Umm... I think its a bit obscure.
04:06:43 PM Oct 23rd 2010
Apparently, this trope was once called Buu Syndrome. Why was that name removed?
08:10:39 PM Aug 8th 2012
Possibly because I have no idea what a Buu is.
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