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08:58:23 AM Mar 18th 2018
The link to Oryō's Wikipedia page is broken and I can't figure out how to fix it. I keep pasting the correct link, but it always gets changed to a page that leads nowhere. Mind helping me out?
03:38:15 PM Feb 27th 2017
  • Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye spend the entirety of Fullmetal Alchemist saving each other. In chronological order, she gunned down an Ishvalan who was about to stab him during the war, and saved him from Scar by tripping him (It Makes Sense in Context), then he risked blowing their cover to save her from Gluttony, and later rescued both her and Al from Lust when she was in the middle of a suicidal breakdown, believing him dead. In later chapters, he went completely Ax-Crazy againt Envy, when he/she/it admitted to killing Hughes. He only snapped out of it when she assured him she would keep her promise of shooting him if he ever became corrupted, but she would kill herself afterwards. And just when they got all that cleared up, they found themselves in a situation where she was dying from a jugular wound...and he couldn't save her. Luckily, someone who could showed up; the emotional scene which followed is easily one of the single most romantic things in the entire series. This trope is played with in this case, since they went that way simply because they love each other, even before they enter military, since the man who was both Riza's Mad Scientist father and Roy's alchemy teacher asked him to take her in and watch over her, right before dying.
Yeah, they care for each other alright but in ters of this trope there is a slight problem. They never were a couple. Sure, author says they WOULD have if it wasn't for anti-fraternisation laws but still they weren't. Which means as much as "rescue" part was played up it lacks "romance" part.
12:07:08 AM May 10th 2013
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The trope pic is broken. Somebody should probably fix that.
07:45:00 AM Apr 5th 2013
If the guy tries to rescue his unrequiting Love Interest in hopes of invoking this trope, but, while she's secretly grateful, still acts the same way toward him, is that an inversion?
03:34:53 PM Feb 27th 2017
Sounds more like subversion to me. That or unsuccessfull invocation. Inversion would be if the Love Interest being saved resulted in break-up.
12:55:23 PM May 11th 2012
If we ever need an alternate title I thought of "Saves Girl, Wins Girl". Howerver that sort of implies Standard Hero Reward.
03:42:03 AM Aug 27th 2011
Please tell me from what anime the image used is? D: *Gives cookies* I've seen it long ago and loved it, but forgot the name.. T_T
02:05:35 PM Jun 28th 2011
edited by Maklodes
Nurture-the-wounded-hero-back-to-health Romance?

It seems like this Rescue Romance page is focused on the image of romance starting with the male hero rescuing the damsel-in-distress from trouble. As such, the male hero gets rewarded for being a valiant protector.

What about the image of the romance starting with a male hero type getting wounded or ill, and a caring woman nurtures him back to health? In this one, the female gets rewarded for being a caring nurturer.

I'd say it's just the other side of the gender-coin for the "valiant male protector rescues damsel in distress" thing, so it should probably go in the same trope, with a small discussion of it. However, if anyone else thinks it should be a separate trope, or if it already is (link?), then that's fine too.

UPDATE: After posting something similar in the fora, I made the edit and linked this to the Florence Nightingale Effect.
03:40:58 AM Aug 27th 2011
edited by Aryianna
I think this actually shows that the damsel doesn't always have to be the one in distress.

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